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Experience:  5 years Ford Technical Hotline/Service Engineer. 2005 Ford Master Cert. Automotive Technology degree
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I have a 2001 Ford escort ZX2 automatic with a 2.0 liter ...

Resolved Question:

I have a 2001 Ford escort ZX2 automatic with a 2.0 liter the speedometer started jumping and not functioning all the time and the service engine soon light came on. Had the code checked and they advised that it was the speed sensor. Replaced the speed sensor this morning and still no speedometer. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Brian replied 9 years ago.
The code description is probably "speed sensor circuit failure". You can post the code and I will check for certain. The speed sensor itself is only one part of the circuit. There are two wires that carry the signal, so the computer can read the sensor. The computer can sense a circuit failure, but it will not determine whether the fault is caused by the sensor or the wiring. So, check the wiring carefully between the sensor and the cluster. Is the code still present, causing the check engine light?

As you can see, the speed sensor signal is shared by several different components, and a severed/disconnected wire could possibly knock out the signal to the cluster, while the PCM could still get the signal. Use a meter to verify continuity, check for shorting on the speed sensor wiring.

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