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2000 ford excursion: master door lock code..keys..Ford dealer

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master door lock code for a 2000 ford excursion? had 2 new keys made at Ford dealer in Abilene, Tx but did not tell us code for door at time. Called back to service manager, was told there was a sticker under the dash attached to ECM. loosened bolts to get good view of ECM on all sides, no sticker other than the serial number sticker with part number and bar code, etc. (maybe sticker is long gone?), opened lid to ECM thinking sticker on underside where circuit board is dice. How can I retrieve this code to use the door locks?
In order to program your own code, you first need to find out the master code for the door pad. If the vehicle did not come with a credit-card thing with the code printed on it (flip through the pages of the owner's manual if you have one), then you have two options. You can have a Ford dealer retrieve this code electronically, or you can located the General Electronics Module under the left side of the dash. You may need to remove it to find this, but on a sticker on the casing for this module you'll find a five-digit number. This is the master code.

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