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2001 Ford Ranger: 4.0l..V6..side front..that has three hoses going

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Have a 2001 Ford Ranger with 4.0l V6. There is a valve on the passnger side front of the engine going into the side that has three hoses going to it, one larger in the middle with two smaller on either side. The larger hose was sucked in and when disconnected the engine dies. One of the smaller hoses goes to a tee in the return heater core line. The larger hose and the other smaller hose go to the rear of the valve cover on th drivers side. Any ideas what the vavle is?? It has continuous vacuum on it and I can cover it with my finger and the engine runs okay.
Hi there Relic so the valve goes into the valve cover on the passenger side? What does the actual valve look like? Steve
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It looks like a PCV valve with two nipples coming out at 90 degrees on either side of the center. When I removed the smaller hose on the left side coolant came out. That is when I traced it to the return hose coming from the heater core out of the firewall. The other two route along the side of the engine, around the back, to the rear of the drivers side valve cover. The vavle appears to go into the manifold, not the vavle cover. I am amking this assumption because of the amount of vacuum that is being produced
I am pretty sure that you are looking at the PCV valve but those valves are cooled with the coolant. And one of the hoses for the cooler tube goes back to the bypass tube for the coolant. So you are looking at the PCV valve but they have added a cooler tube that you probably have not seen before. Steve
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Steve S's Post: Would there be that much vacuum coming form the pcv valve. With my thumb over it it feels like it is trying to suck it in there.
yes on this vehicle you should have manifold vacuum at that line. It comes right from the throttlebody so you will have vacuum. Steve
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I recieved an answer from Steve S. which appears to be referencing the wrong valve that I am looking at. The pcv valve is located on the drivers side, at the rear of the valve cover. From this valve there is tubing that runs along the back of the engine and comes up along the passenger side to the front, where it goes into another valve that has a large amount of vacuum on it that is collapsing the hose coming from the pcv valve. This valve also has two fittings of a smaller size, one of which goes to the return coolant line from the firewall for the heater core. Not sure where the third line actually goes. I need to know what this valve is.