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I have a 2006 ford explorer. Sometimes the coolent leaks ...

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I have a 2006 ford explorer. Sometimes the coolent leaks from around the radiator. 10% of the time. The tank is not leaking, the radiator was replaced 20,000 miles ago. the first radiator did the same!
Hi thereCustomer Coolant should not leak sometimes most leaks leak all of the time from a radiator if it is damaged. They do have a problem with the radiators leaking. It is not blowing out the cap correct. Do you see it leaking on the ground? hOW MANY MILES AND CAN i GET THE vIN NUMBER? sTEVE
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Steve:

VIN 1fmeu73e66ua61912, 90000 miles

I have a nice size amount of coolant on the ground for a few days, than it goes away for several days. the tank is near empty. I took the tank off several times, did not find a leak on it. The coolant is at the bottom under the coolant resivore side of the radiator. the factory said that they did replace it under warrenty 18 months ago.

Hi again is the pool on the ground under the radiator ho9se on the bottom? These clamps will fail and leak coolant and sometimes it takes a certain amount of system pressure to make them leak. So you are not fully positive that it is coming from the radiator itself? It could be coming from many places and a coolant system pressure test may be needed to pinpoint the leak. Most of the times the warranty on parts is 12k miles 12 months so I think that you would be out of luck if it is the radiator again. Which it could be but we need to pinpoint the leak. A hose clamp is going to be a hell of alot cheaper then a radiator. Steve

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