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Sam C.
Sam C., Auto Technician/Shop Manager
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How do I replace the left inner tie rod end on a 2002

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How do I replace the left inner tie rod end on a 2002 Taurus?

Hi there,

you will need a special tool to get over the end of the tie rod end. after you jack up the vehicle, disconnect the outer tie rod end from the knuckle. mark it and remove the outer tie rod end from the inner tie rod end rod. undo the boot (you may have to cut the inner clamp) and slide the boot off. you now use the tool by sliding over the whole tie rod assembly until it locks over the large end of the inner tie rod. You should hold the opposite end of the rack with a large cresent wrench to prevent the rack from turning. I have never had one turn, but you should do if you want to be extra safe. now turn the tool ( it looks like a large tube) counter clockwise and it will loosen the tie rod end. here is a picture of the tool for you. assembly is the reverse of removal, make sure you align the car afterwards.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Cutting or loosening the inner clamp was the step I was most wondering about. I hope to be able to utilize another tool in my collection without resorting to a "specialty" tool when removing the inner tie rod end. What is the correct torque value for re-assembly?
the kit sometimes will come with new clamps. If not just use high quality cable tie to keep it in place, get it tight enough to keep in secure at full extension. Torque the inner tie rod to around 80 ft lbs.graphic
Sam C. and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you