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My 2002 Ford Explorer 4x4 high light blinks

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The light blinks about 8 times and started today when I was traveling on the highway at about 70mph. At first I didn''t think anything of it because it went off but then came on again about 5 minutes later. I''ve already had the transmission replaced at AAMCO for about $2K less than the dealer. They have been great. That was about 2 years ago. No issues since then until today. No other lights are on. I was driving out of a parking lot and when I turn right or left there is a loud rubbing sound coming from the front tires. It''s riding rough and feels like the e-brake is on (even though it is not). The brakes, rotors, bushings, etc. have all been replaced last year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hi thereCustomer the 4x4 light is flashing because of a 4x4 system concern not a tranny concern. On these Explorers it is most likely a module concern they have always gone bad. What you need to do is go have it hooked up to a computer to read the codes from the module that will give direction to the concern. You say it is riding rough and some noise possibly a wheel bearing is failing you. You did not say anything about getting new tires on the truck. Sometimes if tire pressure or tread depth is really different between the wheels then it will start to bind the transfer case up and make a grinding noise or maybe you have something wrong in the transfer case itself. But you need to get the codes pulled then go from there. Steve
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
During a recent trip for my inspection sticker (Massachusetts), I was told the tire tread on the rear tires was thin and the tires wouldn't last much longer and I should have them replaced. If I get the codes would you be better able to address the issue?
Yes if you got the codes I would have a better idea. Steve