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I have a 2002 mercury mountaineer all wheel drive, when ...

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I have a 2002 mercury mountaineer all wheel drive, when turing car left or right the car jerls all over the place. took it to a mechanic and they said it needed a transfer case due to the clutches not releasing, and quoted me $3000.00 dollars to fix it up right. can the transfer case clutches be changed at a lower cost. rather than replaceing it?
Hi and thank you for your question, when the concern happens is it usually at slower speeds,like parking lot maneuvers and feels like a shudder or a binding feeling from the rear end, ?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes lower speeds parking lot, it seems more from the front it has snapped a drive axle on the right side front from it binding up. they replaced the drive axle at a cost of $400.00 and still if you stand outside the vehicle and watch my wife try to turn into a parking spot the front wheels seem to bind up and chirp on pavement.
Well they were close, the transfer case doesn't have any clutches, it has what they call a viscous coupling that provides torque the front and rear wheels, it is non repairable, by the time you buy the parts and have the case rebuilt, you would be better off to replace the case assembly,cause you dont know what damage you will find in the case, I would call the local dealer and get a price of the case, it will come with a 12 month 12000 mile warrenty, here is the transfer case description and operation.sorry but I hope this helps.

Transfer Case

ItemPart NumberDescription
1 7045 Shaft nut
2 7B368 Output shaft yoke washer
3 7052 Oil seal
4 7B214 Output flange
5 7C207 Case stud
6 7B215 Yoke to flange seal
7 7025 Bearing
8 7A443 Bolt (17 req'd)
9 7A010 Drain/fill plug
10 7005 Case
11 7A771 Torx® head screw (4 req'd)
12 7F123 Damper snubber
13 7025 Bearing
14 7177 Lower drive sprocket
15 7A029 Drive chain
16 7917 Snap ring
17 7025 Bearing
18 7B362 Spring dowel bushing
(2 req'd)
19 7B215 Yoke to flange seal
20 7C016 Dust deflector
21 7061 Output shaft
22 383976 Breather barb
23 7B215 Yoke to flange seal
24 7005 Case
25 7025 Bearing
26 7017 Input shaft assembly
27 7L276 Lubricating tube
28 7L499 Coupling (viscous)
29 7177 Lower drive sprocket
30 7D063 Overdrive sun gear
31 - Bushing (part of 7D063)
32 7A385 Thrust washer
33 7A398 Front planetary gear assembly
34 7A385 Output shaft thrust washer
35 7A153 Ring gear
36 7120 Needle bearing
37 7061 Upper output shaft
38 7L290 Oil scoop
39 7C122 Snap ring
40 7R141 Snap ring
41 7917 Snap ring

The constantly activated, automatic, all-wheel drive transfer case has no external controls. A two-piece aluminum case houses the assembly. The unit is chain driven. A non-repairable viscous coupling provides torque distribution to the front and rear transfer case outputs. The viscous coupling contains slotted alternating plates through which a high viscosity fluid flows. The resistance of the fluid shear causes the plates to transmit torque at the approximate ratio of 35 percent to the front output and 65 percent to the rear output.


Torque flows through the input shaft to the front planetary gear assembly outward to the ring gear to the upper output shaft. Torque also flows through the front planetary gear assembly to the overdrive sun gear outward to the upper drive sprocket. The torque flow continues from the upper drive sprocket through the drive chain to the lower drive sprocket to the front output shaft. The viscous coupling provides the connection between the ring gear and the overdrive sun gear.

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