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I have a 95 Ford F-150 with a 211 trouble code (PIP circuit ...

Resolved Question:

I have a 95 Ford F-150 with a 211 trouble code (PIP circuit fault) I have a repair manuel but it doesent get into the specifics of the actuall circuit.what i need to know if there are crank and cam position sensor,and which is more likely to be defective.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Ron replied 9 years ago.


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The code 211 is usual set due to eaither a worn distributor shaft or a bad stator in the distributor. If the engine runs better with SPOUT disconnected and runs poor again when it is reconnected, the problem is likely to be in the distributor. There are several items that could cause this. A defective pickup can transmit erratic inputs to the module and powertrain control module (PCM). A worn distributor shaft bushing or a magnetized shaft can also cause erratic signals. Monitor the PIP signal with a labscope. At the same time, monitor the duty cycle of the PIP signal. Backprobe the PIP wire at the ignition control module (ICM). With the SPOUT disconnected, the pattern is a 12 volt square wave with an approximate 50% duty cycle and clean corners. One square wave has less duration than the others. This signal is used on port fuel injected vehicles only to identify TDC compression to the PCM. With the SPOUT connected, a notch will be out of one corner of each square wave. The duty cycle should be 47-53% and be relatively stable. Any variation out of this range indicates shaft wobble. An out of specification, but stable reading, indicates a magnetized shaft. In either of these cases, the distributor will need to be replaced as an assembly. If the duty cycle reading is stable, but the square wave is erratic, replace the pickup assembly. Always confirm that the duty cycle on any replacement distributor is within specifications. A replacement pick-up/stator assembly will not cure a shaft magnetism problem.

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