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2003 Expedition: courtesy light push switch on an overhead console

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I want to replace the courtesy light "push" switch on an overhead console for a 2003 Expedition. The switch is broken. I need to remove the console and then replace the small switch unit. Is this a home doable project?
does yours have a moon roof, describe the over head console, there are a couple of configurations
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to lostrider's Post: Yes, my Expedition does have a moon roof. The overhead console is in front of the moon roof, and is generally a square shape, approximately 8" x 10", gray plastic flange, in the middle, inset into it are the rear air controls and on the back side is the moon roof button. There is a courtesy lamp on the right and left sides. It is the courtesy lamp on the left side (drivers side) that I want to replace. The lens/light was hit and broke. I thought it was simply the lens, bought a replacement lens, but realized as I was trying to replace the lens itself that the light socket piece was broken as well.

Removal and Installation

All vehicles

  1. NOTE: Vehicle with moonroof shown, vehicle without moonroof similar.

    Disengage the clips and remove the overhead console.
    • Disconnect the electrical connectors.

graphicVehicles with moonroof

  1. Remove the screws and the map lights.graphicthe console assembly is held in by retaining clips attached to the back of the console, just grab the console and pull down to remove, as far as a part number the site I use is down, if you can wait till morning I can get it from my parts department for you, or you can take the light to your local dealership parts and they will be able to order you one.
lostrider and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Cool, by the look of the pictures it appears that I should be able to simply grab the console at the pressure points, then pull down and it will come loose, is that correct? Can you confirm this? Also, I would appreciate a response with the part number tomorrow. That will be great. So far, I think I like this service.
Yes, just grab and pull down, I'll get the part number for the lights and put them on this post in the morning, dont accept till I get the part numbers to you. and thank you for your question.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Perfect. I'll look forward to your email.
Customer the basic part number is XXXXX your gonna need the trim code off the sticker on the drivers door post to get the right part, from what my parts department is showing me the map lights are not sold separate from Ford, the console has to be replaced and all that stuff comes with the new console
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks Lostrider. I am going to my Ford dealer today to see what options I have to order the map light and/or the whole console. I don't really want the whole console, but if you have any suggestions for a "non-Ford" source for parts, I will appreciate any extra advice. Thanks for your wisdom and help. It was much appreciated and a good investment.
your very welcome, the only other source would be a salvage yard, have a nice day.