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ford: that uses 1.5 qt. of oil every 1300 miles..oil consumption test

Customer Question

I have a ford 150 5.4 lt that uses 1.5 qt. of oil every 1300 miles. I have 77772 miles on the truck. I bought the truck new,I been to the dealer we did a oil consumption test and those were the results. the dealer told me that ford told him that 1qt. of oil every 1500 miles is acceptable.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Vincent replied 9 years ago.

Actually, Ford Motor Company states that 1 quart of oil consumption every 800 miles is acceptible.

Ford will not authorize and internal repair under warranty unless the oil consumption reaches 600 miles per quart.

Does the truck have any leaks? Is the PCV system working correctly?

Vincent and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank Vincent, all info is helpfull,mabe I should stop worryring about my oil levels and do what Ford says to do and don't add oil untill the level gets below the low level and add 3.5qts. between 5 thousand mile oil changes.Sounds crazey to me.
Expert:  Vincent replied 9 years ago.

Yeah that is about it. Modern Ford engines are incredible in their realibility. They only require using the correct oil (follow what is on the oil filler cap or the underhood sticker, more about that in a moment) decent fuel, a clean air filter and a tune up every 60k+ miles.

The oil for that engine is 5w20. Use it. Going even to 5w30 will cause the bearings to get washed out. Here is the problem. Modern engines (pretty much all manufacturers) build their engines to very small tolerances. Small enough that the larger Molocule of a 5w30 oil will be forced into the tighter tolerance of the bearing area. This ends up having the oil basically machine its way through the bearing surface and force out the babbit material. After a very short amount of time, youend up with a rod or crank knock.

The oil passages in that engine are pretty small as well, especially going to the cam tensioners and cam phasers. Keeping clean oil in that engine will give you a good long life out of the engine.

Just to give you an idea. We have several Modular engines (that is what Ford calls your engine series) with well over 1,000,000 miles on them. Yes, you read that right!

No engine problems at all. Just regular maintainance.