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chris, Ford Mechanic
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE Master -Ford senior master-20 years experience
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How do you replace steering column bearing 1993 Ford F350-

Customer Question

I pulled the streering wheel off replace the outer bearing still have up and down and side to side play on the steering shaft How do you replace the inner bearing?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  chris replied 9 years ago.

Ok , I will try to explane this --if anything does not make sense then tell me and I will try again

remove the upper and lower steering column bezels, they have Phillips screws

remove the lower dash panle under the steering column

set the steering wheel straight --remove the clock spring and do not let this turn -put tape on it so it does not turn ---

remove the turn signal switch

disconect the battery ---put the key in the ign tumbler and turn it to the run position --on the bottom of the hole where the tumbler goes in there is a set pin for the tumbler --push in on it and the tumbler will slide out -

if this a auto trans --the shift indicator cable ( a white thin cable about center bottom of the column ) must be unbolted and put to the side

now on around the upper steering shaft is the turn signal black plastic paw-use a flat screwdriver and work it off the shaft

use a snap ring pliers and remove the snap ring on the shaft -and its spring , top hat and race.

there are four bolts that hold the steering column up---remove the front two and leave both rear on but at there last threads---

now on each side of the column there are two gold bolts for the tilt-use a 30 torx socket and remove them

now the only thing holding the upper housing on is the lower tilt gears---mounted on the upper housing on the bottom --they have big teeth on them ---pull down on them while pulling up on the steering shaft and the housing should come off.

there are two bearings in the upper housing ---take a long look at them -there is a top and bottom to them ---use a punch and tap them out ---then but the new ones in -

now install the housing on to the shaft by pulling down on the tilt gears and pulling up on the shaft --the tilt gears will lock onto a bar on

now you can put every thing back into place all the way up to the snap ring --the snap ring has to be pressed on ----what I do is put the snap ring on as far as I can ---then I put about five to six closed ended wrenches over the upper steering shaft all the way to the top of the shaft and then use the steering wheel bolt to screw it down onto the wrenches and they push on the snap ring---if it does not go down all the way ---then dont worry , you take the steering wheel bolt off and add another wrench and screw the bolt back down --the snap ring will stay in place---press the snap ring down until it snaps into place --

from there you have the rest ----my fingers hurt

good luck