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1995 ford F-150: i need information and diagram..steering wheel

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i need information and diagram on replacement of a 1995 ford F-150 truck, steering wheel column bearing ?.

Hi there

I have sent you pics - but do you have any questions about replaceing the steering column bearings

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes.i have everything down to the retainer and spring.

Ok I will give you step by step info on how to do this -but I need to know if it has auto trans


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes,and tilt steering wheel. Thank you very much for spending your time to help me.

Ok ---before we start there is one tool you are going to have to make ---this tool is used at the end to put the snap ring on top of the spring -witch is were you are right now--you see the snap ring needs to be pressed on while holding the steering shaft up---I have used in the past about 10 thick washers over the steering shaft and then used the steering wheel bolt to tighten it up on all the washers onto the snap ring, I have also used all of my closed end wrenches over the steering shaft onto the snap ring and used the steering wheel bolt to tighten it down on the wrenches witch will press down on the snap ring---you just need something that will fit over the steering shaft and you can use the steering wheel bolt on it to press the snap ring on---I hope you understand this -----ok lets get started , remove the snap ring ,,,then the spring should come wright off ,,,then a top hat looking thing and then the race for the upper bearing,, all should slide off the shaft----remove the turn signal switch ----disconect the battery ---put the key in the ign tumbler and turn it to the run position ,,on the bottom of the hole were the tumbler goes into there is a small hole , with the ign switch in the run position use a pick and the tumbler should slide out ---now look in were the tumbler was ,,there should be a blue plastic piece in there--use a 90 degree pick and pop it out ,,,now there is metal retainer under that, turn it clockwise 1/4 turn and pop it out ,, now there is a gear under that remove it ----there are four bolts that hold the steering column up , remove the front two and take the rear two out down to there last threads---the column should be low enough for you to gain acc to the two gold looking bolts on either side on the upper housing, these are the tilt pivot bolts , they are 30 tork, remove both bolts , the only thing holding the upper housing in is the tilt arm , located on the bottom , use a flat blade screwdriver and pry them up , they are spring loaded, until they are part there lock bar---now the upper housing is off---before you pop out the bearing take real good look on how they are installed ---the bearings have a top and a bottom ---now you can put the housing back ,, slide it back over the shaft and the ign actuator --put it on tilted up and use your fingers to pull down on the tilt gears and pop the gears back over its locking bar,,,when installed the tumbler gear , and its metal cap and plastic cap ,, just make sure the ign switch is still in the run position and install the gear at the same angle it came out , the ign tumbler should slide back into place if you did it properly and when you turn the ign tumbler the tumbler will be relocked into the column --dont forget to install the race and top hat , and spring and snap ring,,,use your tool you made of washers, or wretches, ---use the steering wheel bolt to press the snap ring back all the way down till it snaps into place------if you have to remove the bolt to add another wrench or washer the snap ring will hold its place on the shaft -----thats it ---if anything sounds confusing --just tell me and I will try to explain it better