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1986 F150: Reman..distributor, new ign control mod, coil

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I have a 1986 F150, 5.0 eec-IV 2WD. Reman. distributor, new ign control mod, coil. Truck runs good but it will shut off while driving or idling. Like the key was turned off. code 14 PIP signal not detected. New hall cell ICM and computer. What could be causing this? Everything in the ignition is new except the switch. But when switch is turded on all relays and fuel pumps come on and voltage at coil, so ruled it out. Wiring harness looks OK, too.

Did you put a factory Hall sensor and ignition module on the truck?

Code 14 is only caused by a bad signal from the distributor. Either a bad ignition module or stator (the hall sensor) or the wiring from the dist to the computer (that is really rare).


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Vincent's Post: What is the likelyhood of bad parts? You mentioned using original Ford part for the Hall cell. Was, or is there a problem with faulty after market ignition parts for a Ford of this vintage?

Let's just say that my experience (and that of most Dealership Technicians) has not proved to be very positive with aftermarket components, especially electronic components. The difference between the Factory parts and the aftermarket parts might not be just quality, but the correctness of the component. Where Ford might have 10 different part numbers for either the ignition module or the stator, the aftermarket will have 2. The difference can be something small, but if there is a difference, you will notice it in performance. And that is reguardless of the year.

However, there is another problem with the computers, in that they are no longer available from Ford. The only answer if a rebuilt pcm. And even then I have found it to be a crap shoot.

The next test would be for a pulsating signal at the coil. Just using a test light, first unplug the coil and check which side is power with the key on. Then plug the connector back into the coil and using the test light on the other side, crank the engine over and see if you have a pulsating light. If you do then the Primary side is good (the stator and module) and you have a bad coil. If you don't then the primary side is bad. Time to get the distributor warrantied and replaced.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
You were right, it was a bad Hall Cell. I ohmed all wires to the computer and tested thr ICM off the distributor and all was good. So it looked like the Hall cell. Today I took back the reman distributor and got another one and it worked fine. I will replace all defective ignition parts in the future with Ford parts, even though Ford dealers are WAY more expensive most of the time. But if the parts last I guess its worth it. Thanks

Yeah, even though the parts at a dealership are more expensive, if they last 100k miles then they are worth it. Glad I was able to head you in the right direction.



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