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j_ramsey, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE certified engine repair a/c steering suspension automatic trans
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89 thunderbird: blinkers..windsheild-wipers will only work

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i have an 89 thunderbird the blinkers dont work the windsheild-wipers will only work when i plug them in under the hood then to turn them off i have to unplug under the hood the mister works when their pluged in
The fact that you have to unplug the wiper motor for the wipers to go off and your turn signals do not work says that the problem is with the multi function switch in the steering column.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ware is that located and what dose it look like how hard is it to change do you have a digram you can e-mail so i can see what i need to do to fix it
That is your turn signal switch in the steering column.

1989-93 Vehicles

  1. Disconnect the negative ground cable.

  2. Remove the lower left side finish panel retaining bolts.

  3. Carefully pull the finish panel to disengage the retaining clips.

  4. Remove the left side reinforcement panel retaining bolts and remove the panel.

  5. Remove the steering column lower shroud retaining screws, then remove the lower shroud.

  6. Remove the steering column retaining nuts.

  7. Remove the steering column upper shroud.

  8. Detach the multi-function switch electrical connector.

  9. Remove the multi-function switch retaining bolts, then remove the switch.

To install:

  1. Position the switch and install the retaining bolts.

  2. Attach the electrical wiring connector to the switch.

  3. Install the steering column upper shroud.

  4. Position the steering column and install the retaining nuts.

  5. Position the lower shroud and install the retaining screws.

  6. Install the side reinforcement panel and secure with the retaining bolts.

  7. Position the side finish panel and install the bolts.

  8. Connect the negative battery cable, then check switch operation.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I got into the steering column and changed the multi-function switch with the year that was interchangable 91 thunderbird this is the second time i have done that, checked all fuses and still the same. Is there a relay someware that could be faulty and if so ware is it at, and how can i change it, or check it and what dose it look like ware is it at
Your model only shows an internal governor between the switch and the wiper motor,that is the only other thing that will keep the wiper running now.
If the turn signals light up and not flash then it will be the flasher relay on the right side of the steering column.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the turn signals do not light up on the dash or anyware
I think you have more than one problem, a power supply (fuse) problem to the turn signals and a problem with the governor on the wiper motor.