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Jerry, Auto Mechanic
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Easiest way to replace heater blend door on 1998 Ford

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Easiest way to replace heater blend door on 1998 Ford Ranger?

Hello Gregory,there are 2 ways to do this one is to replace the door,a company called Dorman does makes a replacement so you don't have to replace the complete plenum assy. You would still have to R and R the unit to do the job. I have done it another way on 2 of our trucks,I was given this fix from a Ford tech,some agree with it others call it a hack repair,you decide. After removing the glove box, you remove the electric control on top of the heater box, a tight area,but you can do it.Have the motor in the heat position first,then make sure you get the door turned to the heat position. You then drill a hole in the motor shaft,to accept a 1/8" cotter pin,make the hole a little smaller so it has a slightly tight fit. Then cut off the ends of the pin,leaving about 1/16 " sticking out of each end ,the reinstall the electric actuator. Sending a picture of how it looks and the information on the replacement door,Good luck,Jerry.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Jerry ,   I did use your drill and pin method and thus far it is
working well. I realize there is no warantee with this trick, but do you
think this fix can last for a year or so??
> Thanks, Greg
Hi George I am glad to hear it worked for you, It has worked on our trucks for at least 2 years. If you can, try not to use the temp control much, just regulate the heat by the fan speed. When the hot weather comes switch to the cold position and do the same then.