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repair F350 door locks

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cannot lock/unlock doors w/remote or inside w/main door panel w/control.Am sure I need to replace actuators.I want to do this myself
Hello will. Does it sound like they are trying to work and can you see them twitch any. If so your are probably right. And wich doors do you need to do.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Thomas's Post: I need to do all 4 doors

Alright here it goes. this is the proper procedure for replacement. The rear doors are the same except for the door panel removal. There is one bolt at the bottom and one behind the switch bezel. This is kind of a long process to do these actuators. The way that we do it here is once you have the door panel removed. Use a flash light and locate the latch, the actuator is the black thing mounted on the latch. You will see where the latch rod goes into the actuater. We use a long pry bar insert it right above the rod( careful not to hit the rod damage may occur) And hit the end of the pry bar breaking the actuator off than you can reach in the door and slide the actuator on.( careful when braking the actuator off, Ive seen a tech send the pry bar through the door). To be on the safe side try removing the drivers door on first the proper way. That way you can see how the actuator comes off or refer to the last pic i sent you.


NOTE: The left front door trim panel shown, right front door trim panel similar.

  1. Remove the exterior mirror mounting hole cover.


  • If equipped, remove the window control switch plate.
    • Disconnect the window control switch electrical connectors and if equipped, the memory set switch electrical connector.
  • graphic

  • If equipped, remove the front door trim panel reflector or the courtesy lamp lens.
  • graphic

    Remove the screws


    1. CAUTION: Do not pull directly outward on front door trim panel, as damage will occur.

      NOTE: Remove the front door trim panel by pulling it straight upward.

      Lift and remove the front door trim panel.
    1. If equipped, twist the courtesy lamp connector one half turn and remove it from the front door trim panel.
    1. CAUTION: Insert the lower panel tabs first or they can break when installing the front door trim panel.

      To install, reverse the removal procedure.
    1. Position the water shield aside.
    1. Remove the plug.


  • Remove the exterior door handle nut.
  • graphic

    Remove the exterior door handle nut


  • Remove the exterior front door handle.
    1. Disconnect the lock cylinder actuating rod from the handle.
    1. Disconnect the door handle actuating rod from the front door latch.
    1. Remove the exterior front door handle.
  • graphic

    1. Disconnect the push button rod from the front door latch. For additional information, refer to Push Button Rod-Front Door in this section.
    1. Remove the clips.


    Remove the screws and position the front door latch aside.


    Disconnect the electrical connector(s).



    Remove the front door latch cable cover



  • Remove the front door latch.
    1. Release the cable conduit.
    1. Release the cable
    1. Remove the front door latch.
  • graphic

  • NOTE: Front door latch shown, rear door latch is similar.

    Remove the door lock actuator.
    1. Release the tab.
    1. Slide the door lock actuator off the latch.
    1. Remove the door lock actuator.
  • graphic