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Jaxer Smith
Jaxer Smith, Auto Mechanic
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1990 Ford Thunderbird: s side power window motor - how do you..trim

Resolved Question:

Re: 1990 Ford Thunderbird - in order to repair the driver''s side power window motor - how do you take off the door trim?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Jaxer Smith replied 9 years ago.

Hi, Welcome to Just Answer!

I have added the procedure below. If you need further assistance let me know. Don't forget to click accept!

1989-92 Models
  1. Remove window regulator switch housing.
  2. Remove the door inside handle cup (snaps out).
    Fig. 5: Door trim panel - 1989-92 models


  3. Remove the self tapping screw retaining door trim panel upper front extension assembly, and remove assembly.
  4. Remove the two self tapping screws retaining door trim panel to the door inner panel.
  5. Lift the door trim panel upward and snap out trim panel.
  6. Disconnect the wire harness for courtesy lamp.

    To install:

  7. Attach the wiring harness to the courtesy lamp.
  8. Place the door panel into position, then tighten the panel to the inner panel.
  9. Attach the upper front extension assembly.
  10. Snap the door handle cup on the door assembly.
  11. Install the window regulator switch housing.
1989-97 Models

To avoid personal injury, ensure that the regulator arms are in a fixed position before removing or replacing the regulator counterbalance spring. The spring can unwind violently.

  1. Remove the door trim panel and water shield.
  2. Lower the glass to access the holes in the door inner panel. Remove the 2 nut and washer assemblies retaining the glass to the glass bracket.
  3. Prop the glass in the full-up position.
  4. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  5. Disconnect the electric motor wiring.
  6. Remove the 2 nut and washer assemblies retaining the regulator equalizer bracket.
  7. Remove the 4 rivets attaching the regulator to the door inner panel, drilling the rivets with a 6mm drillbit.
  8. Remove the regulator through the access hole.

    To Install:

  9. With the glass in the full-up position, install the window regulator through the access hole.
  10. Position the regulator base plate to door inner panel and install the 4 rivets.
  11. Install the regulator equalizer bracket on the regulator and loosely assemble with the nut and washer assemblies.
  12. Install the regulator glass bracket drive channel on the glass and secure with the nut and washer assemblies, torquing to 7-10 ft. lbs. (9-14 Nm).
  13. Connect the motor wiring.
  14. Connect the negative battery cable.
  15. Lower the glass about 3 inches from the full-up position.
  16. With the door open, place hands on each side of the glass and pull the glass fully into the door glass run assembly at the B-pillar.
  17. Apply a downward pressure on the equalizer bracket and tighten the nut and washer assemblies to 7-10 ft. lbs. (9-14 Nm).
  18. Cycle the door glass to ensure proper operation.
  19. Install the door trim panel and the watershield.
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