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Hi i have a 99 ford ranger with 10 rear drum brakes ...

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Hi i have a 99 ford ranger with 10" rear drum brakes supposedly. When finishing up installing the assembly i could not figure out how to hook up the bottom return spring which is the thin odd looking 1 that hooks to both shoes. One end has an odd looking hook shape. The old spring i took off was cut and bent so i couldn't use that as a reference. If you could send me a picture of that assembly that would help or if you could tell me which end goes where on which shoes primary or secondary and what hole cause i know that it hooks to the shoes only. Also, when i went to change the wheel cylinders i noticed that the ones i bought were a tad bit longer than the ones i took off and when i put the new ones on that were for 10" brakes they fit tight and the dust boots were somewhat mashed against those two metal stops where you mount the cylinder. So i guess the cylinder for 9" brakes would be better?? This is kinda long sorry I'm just trying to give as much detail as possible. th

HelloCustomer you need to make sure on the brake size for the wheel cylinders. This is easily done with a tape measure. Just measure the iside of the drum from one end to the other. One will measure close to 9" and the other close to 10". As for the spring the long stem part goes to the rear shoe in order the clear the adjustind wheel. See if the diagram below helpas at all. If you need more help let me know.


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