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1996 Ford econoline: 5.7 V8 15 passenger with coolant leak..aux

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Honda Expert on this site needing help :)

I am working on a 1996 Ford Econoline 5.7 V8 15 passenger with coolant leak from aux heat pipes. Need to know how much work it is to replace these pipes and what the hourly rate so I can price this job. I remember my Dad having this job done and I remember it being a pain. Can you give me the approximate price of the Pipes and what the labor time is to do this job. Also I need to know if there are any particular quirks I need to know. Doing this job on the side.
Since there are no answers yet, if you can wait until Friday I will see what we pay for them at the shop and post back. I can't find labor times, but some of my rechs can change them in a couple of hours, others take 4 or 5. It can be worked in without having to take anything loose. Also look to see if there is a connection where you do not have to remove the entire line. I will try to post something on Friday for you.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Sounds good. I won't have the parts until next week so any input would be greatly appreciated. I will accept after that point :)
Our cost was just under 150$. We get jobber - 10% I would recommend pklaning on all day if you are doing it in your driveway. On the lift, you have more room to work the lines and wiggle them through the openings. On your back in driveway is a different story. The lines come as one piece from rear of enginr to heater core in back of cvan. Good luck and have fun.
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