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2003 ford taurus: which the a/c compressor has seized..belt..bypass

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I have a 2003 ford taurus in which the a/c compressor has seized up and stopped working which results in the loss of the belt due to shredding. Ive taken it to a mechanic that wants to replace the whole thing fo $1,000. I was wondering if it is possible to bypass the compressor and run a smaller belt. The mechanic says no due to the fact that the a/c compresser also runs "the clutch". What clutch could this be? This car has an auto tranny and im assuming the mechanic is talking about the a/c clutch. Which in my mind doesnt even matter if I wanted to bypass the whole compresser. What clutch could this be and is it possible to bypass the a/c all together.


Yes, the mechanic is referring to the AC compressor clutch. You can by-pass the compressor, if you engine is the 3.0 2v- as shown below. There is no readily available part number. You will need to take a piece of string and wrap it around the pulleys and bypass the compressor as I have shown with the red arrow. Take the marked off string into a parts store for them to match it up.

3.0 2v engine:



This is the 3.0 4v engine. There is no way to bypass the compressor and still have belt go around other pulleys and for them to work. You can check with a parts store on if there is an idler pulley available to put in place of the compressor.



Also, check on prices for ac repair. You should be able to get the repair work done for $650-750

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