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1994 Ford Ranger: I change a heater core..V

Resolved Question:

How do I change a heater core in a 1994 Ford Ranger,3.0, V-6?   I need picture please
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Thomas replied 9 years ago.

Removal and Installation

  1. Allow the engine to cool. Following all safety precautions (refer to Section 03-03) and using a thick cloth, turn radiator cap slowly to the first stop. Step back while pressure is released. When the pressure has been released, tighten the radiator cap on the radiator.
  1. Disconnect the heater water hoses (18472) from the heater core and plug the heater water hoses .
  1. In the passenger compartment, remove four screws attaching the heater core cover (18B300) to the heater air plenum chamber . Remove the heater core cover .
  1. Pull the heater core rearward and down, removing it from the heater air plenum chamber .

    For installation, follow removal steps in reverse order. Tighten clamps to 2-3 Nm (18-27 in-lb). Check and add coolant as required. Check the system for proper operation and coolant leaks.

  2. graphic

  3. I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Thomas's Post: I'm trying to get to the link so I can update my account . I want to accept but the wrong info is in
Expert:  Thomas replied 9 years ago.
No problem just do what you can. Thanks.