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1993 ford escort: liter..injector rail/ fuel cutout light comes

Resolved Question:

1993 ford escort 1.9 liter will not start/ no pressure in the injector rail/ fuel cutout light comes on only with ignition in start position. It is not the inertia switch - I already tried that.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  RIP replied 9 years ago.

Hi, welcome to JA.

  • you should disconect the inertia switch and test for a good 12 volts or greater on one of the terminals...while an assistant cranks the engine. If there is no voltage there we'll need to look further upstream in the circuit, possibly a faulty fuel pump relay. But, if ther is voltage may have a bad fuel pump.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RIP's Post: Thanks for your input but this still doesn't explain why the fuel cutoff light is coming on. I have a so-so electrical schematic and it does not show if the pcm of some other component powers the cutoff light on the dash and i am trying to trace it to understand if the relay is bad would the pcm be able to tell and then activate the warning light? I will try your suggestion tommorow but I was hoping to delve a little deeper if you can give me some more insight. Would it be a bad idea to jumper 12 volts to the fuel pyump wires to check if the pump is operational?
Expert:  RIP replied 9 years ago.

The PCM has no role in the fuel cutoff lamp or the inertia switch, but I was mistaken in my earnlier testing procedure on the switch conncetor. The signal is ground to the switch... not power, so we need to make our voltage testing at the relay itself; let me know if you have access to a multimeter. The PCM's job is to trigger the fuel pump would be a rare occurance for the PCM to fail and not trigger the relay - however it will remain a possibility.

The most common failures when there is no fuel pressure are: faulty fuel pump, faulty inertia switch, blown fuse for relay power supply,or a faulty fuel pump relay By testing at the fuel pump relay connector, we can elliminate 1/2 of the possibilities If you've already replaced the inertia switch with a NEW one, than the fuel cutoff lamp may be comming on due to a bad ground at the inertia switch.


Fuel Pump wiring schematic.


You can jump the pump if you would like, and that will elliminate it's failure; but be sure you only add power to the Black/White wire...which is the pumps hot side.

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