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Keith Allen
Keith Allen, Auto/Diesel Mech
Category: Ford
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Experience:  2004-2009 Ford Senior Master tech. A.S.E. Master
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97 ford explorer: replacing the fuel filter..old one

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I am replacing the fuel filter on my 97 ford explorer and need to know how to get the old one off and the new one on.
DANGER! the fuel system is under 30 p.s.i. of pressure! never smoke or create sparks when replacing the filter! even "space heaters" can be bad news. if doing this in a garage be sure the fumes have a way to excape. to relieve the system preussure, locate the inurta switch. It is located on the fire wall area in front of the pass feet, (just behind the carpet)smack the switch to shut off the fuel pump. ( you can rap it until the switch pops up.) to reset the switch after filter replacement, just push the button back down. the fuel line require a special tool for removal ( the fuel line has a spring clip inside, the tool slides along the metal part of the fuel line and depresses the unlock jaws.)the tool can be rented or bought for a low cost. ( under $10 ) at the auto parts store.) the filter is along the drivers side frame rail. the fuel line also has a saftey retainer on it. to remove the basket retainer push down on the outdide part of the clip and then slide it off the use the tool to remove the fuel line. ( Note: expect fuel drippage from the line when removed! wear saftey glasses and rubber gloves!) pop the old filter off of the retaining clamp. install the new filter with all the lines "clicked " into place. ( you will feel or hear a " click " when the line locks back on.) install the saftey " basket clips" and reset the inurta switch. start the engine and check for leaks. ( to start the engine, just prime the fuel filter by turning the key to on for 4 seconds before cranking the engine over.) good luck and remember that there will be about 1/2 a cup of fuel spilled during the process, if the new filter comes with any rubber plugs, install the on the old filter right after removing the lines and there will be less spillage. Keith
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Keith, I am having trouble locating the inurta switch. I am inside the pass side and have pulled back the carpet but don't see the switch. What does it look like? Would it be up above where your feet would be?
also look on the drives side below the radio, (build dates move items sometimes) IT WILL BE A BLACK SWITCH WITH 2 SCREWS HOLDING IT TO THE FIREWALL, WITH 1 WIRE LOOM. Keith.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Keith, I think I may have found it on the pass side floorboard. I see something with a wire attached to it and it appears to have a button on the top with a red cap-like thing on the top. Is there somewhere I can go to see s picture of it? Do I need to just disconnect the wire? How do I turn the switch off? and then back on?

Sorry - I am just trying to ensure that I am doing it correctly.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Keith, I found the switch and have shut it off, I have the tool to remove the old filter, but cannot seem to get it off is there a trick? Please let me know.
push "in" on the fuel line after inserting the tool. (sometimes there is a lot of pressure holding the clip on and this will help seat the tool) then push the tool as far in as possible. the clip the should release. Keith
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