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Need to know how to take the oil pan down ( take off oil ...

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Need to know how to take the oil pan down ( take off oil pan ) on a 1992 ford mustang lx with the engine still in the car . Car has a 4cyl and a 5 speed manual trans.
Fig. 2: Install the gasket into the groove on the oil pan flange - 1991-93 2.3L engines

Fig. 3: Exploded view of the oil pan and gasket mounting - 1991-93 2.3L engines

1992-93 MODELS
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable for safety.
  2. Remove the air cleaner outlet tube at the throttle body.
  3. Remove the engine oil dipstick.
  4. Install an engine support fixture or other suitable device for raising and lowering the engine.
  5. Raise and support the vehicle safely using jackstands.
  6. Remove the engine mount through-bolts.
  7. Drain the engine oil from the crankcase.
  8. Remove the starter motor assembly from the vehicle.
  9. Disconnect the exhaust manifold tube to the inlet pipe bracket. Disconnect the catalytic converter at the inlet pipe.
  10. Remove the transmission assembly.
  11. Remove the flywheel.
  12. On A/T vehicles, remove the transmission oil cooler lines from the retainer at the block.
  13. Make sure the engine support fixture is still properly in position. Carefully raise the engine for clearance, but MAKE sure no components are damaged.
  14. Remove the oil pan retaining bolts, then lower the pan to the chassis.
  15. Remove the oil pump drive and pickup tube assembly, then lay the assembly in the oil pan.
  16. Carefully remove the oil pan with the oil pump from the vehicle.

    To install:

  17. Clean the oil pan and the gasket mating surfaces. Clean the oil pump pickup tube screen.
  18. Install the oil pan gasket to the groove in the oil pan. Lay the oil pump pickup tube and drive assembly in the oil pan, then position the oil pan on the crossmember.
  19. Install the oil pump drive and pickup tube assembly. Tighten the oil pump mounting bolts to 14-21 ft. lbs. (19-29 Nm). Tighten the oil pump strap nut to 30-41 ft. lbs. (40-55 Nm).
  20. Apply silicone sealer to the points where the rear main bearing cap meets the cylinder block, to the corners of the engine front cover and to where the front cover meets the cylinder block. For more details, refer to the accompanying illustration.
  21. Install the oil pan assembly. Install the oil pan flange bolts tight enough to compress the oil pan gasket to the point that the two transmission holes are aligned with the two tapped holes in the oil pan, but loose enough to allow movement of the pan, relative to the block.
  22. Install the two oil pan/transmission bolts and tighten to 30-39 ft. lbs. (40-50 Nm) to align the oil pan with the transmission, then loosen the bolts 12 turn.
  23. Tighten all oil pan flange bolts to 90-120 inch lbs. (10-13 Nm). Tighten the two oil pan/transmission bolts to 30-39 ft. lbs. (40-54 Nm).
  24. Install a new oil filter.
  25. Lower the engine onto the back into position and onto the engine mounts.
  26. Install the flywheel.
  27. Install the transmission assembly.
  28. Install the engine mount through-bolts and tighten to 65-85 ft. lbs. (88-115 Nm).
  29. If equipped, connect the automatic transmission cooler lines to the retainer clip on the engine.
  30. Connect the rear exhaust pipe just behind the catalytic converter, then connect the inlet pipe to the manifold assembly.
  31. Install the starter motor assembly.
  32. Remove the jackstands and carefully lower the vehicle.
  33. IMMEDIATELY refill the engine crankcase to prevent an accidental attempt to start the motor with no oil in it. Install the engine oil dipstick.
  34. Install the air cleaner outlet tube to the throttle body.
  35. Connect the negative battery cable.
  36. Start the engine and check for leaks.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
So More less, I have to remove the engine??? is there a why to do this with out Removing the transmission assembly??? What im trying to do is replace the oil pump with out removing the engine. I thought I could just take out the motor mounts and left the engine just high enuf to pull the pan down?

You do not have to remove the engine. You just need to remove engine mount bolts, jack it up enough to fit a 2x4 block between engine and mount and let the jack down to allow enough clearance as it is listed in the instructions already given to you.

You must remove the transmission, and this is pretty easy.

You have to drop the pan and unbolt the pump( with the pan still in the way ) and then remove the pan with the pump and pick up inside. Also listed in the instructions I already sent you.


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