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2000 Ford focus: water replaced when timing belt is replaced

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Timing belt went on my 2000 Ford focus. i was told that it is an interference motor. although there is no sign of water pump damage, should I have it replaced when timing belt is replaced. do i need a timing kit to be included in the timing belt repair. And is there a chance the engine needs to be replaced and how would I know?


Yes, the focus has an interference engine. This means that when the timing belt breaks there is not enough clearance between the valves and the pistons to prevent damage. The only sure way of knowing is to pull the head and inspect the valves. The odds are that the valves were bent.

It is always recommended to replace the water pump, along with the timing belt tensioner, cam seal and crank seal while you have the timing cover off.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Do you think the engine needs to be replaced?


There is no way of knowing until the head is pulled. Most of the time the damage is limited to bent valves, which means the head is sent to a machine shop for a valve job. There is always a slim chance a valve can actually put a hole in a piston, but again, until the head is removed there is no way to know.

I wouldnt automatically assume the worst and get another engine. Go ahead and remove the head and check for damage. If there is no apparent damage, replace the head gasket, install head and proceed with timing belt job. If valves appear damaged, take head into a machine shop and have valves replaced. You will probably be looking at somewhere between $300-500 to have valves replaced and head machined. If you pull the head and see damaged piston, then you will need to decide between engine swap or engine rebuild.

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