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wiring a 350 ci engine with hei distributor. I put the ...

Resolved Question:

wiring a 350 ci engine with hei distributor. I put the red/blue wire on the small post on the starter solinoid. I assume this is the s post. It says to put the black/red wire on the r post. I only have one small post! The other end of the black/red wire is suppose to hook to the + side of coil. If the coil is inside the top of the cap how is this done? It also mentions a red/green wire that goes to the resistor and also use part of that wire to go from other side of resistor to + side of coil.
My questions would be:
1. Do I stack both the small wires on the only small solinoid post available?
2. With the hei distributor having the resistor and coil internal, where to thes two wires go?
3. Do they somehow splice into the wires going to the coil in the top of the cap?
I thought " oh well, don't hook any of those up! Guess what, " NO SPARK!"
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  32dmadden replied 10 years ago.
The wiring system you describe with the R post on the solenoid going to the coil was used on the points system ignitions. I believe you have the electronic distributor. It doesn't use the R post or the wire. Its function was to supply 12 volts to the coil while in the start mode because the starter draws a lot of power. The electronic systems use an orange wire that has power only when the key is on. The ground side goes through the ignition module. See if your distributor looks like the one I send in a diagram.It should get its power and ground through 4 lead connector and the three lead that usually only has two wires goes to the coil connector. The main harness has to have the correct connectors on it. Let me know if you need more help.graphicgraphic
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
So am I correct in assuming that the wire that is suppose to go to the r post on one end and the other end to the + side of coil can be eliminated.
Also the red/green for the resistor and + side of coil can be eliminated. My hei distributor does have 3 wires coming from the base of the distributor to the cap. It uses a 3 prong clip. I assume these must take the place of the wires mentioned above?
Expert:  32dmadden replied 10 years ago.
Yes every thing you said was correct. Do you have a connector on the wiring harness for the four terminal connector? If you do you have it made. I'll be here if you need me.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
only a 3 prong on my dist. and nowires from the harness go there. only the one that is self contained in the dist. The wire that goes from the r post to the + side of the coil I think i understand. The other wire to resistor and + side of coil originates at the Ign. post on the ignition switch. Is it still not needed?
I'm confused about the four terminal connector.
Expert:  32dmadden replied 10 years ago.
Okay yours does not have the four wire plug only three wire one. You still must have a positive orange wire that has power with the key on and start only. It sounds like the wire that originates at the ignition switch is the one you need. It goes to the outer most connectors on the dist. cap. to the positive connector. Make sure it has 12 volts with key on. The resistor won't be used. Then you need a ground wire that goes to engine ground. It connects to the tach or negative terminal at the outer most connectors on the cap. I'll be here if you need me.graphic
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I spiced the wire from the ignition into to orange wire and the engine fired! I've got a TACH and BAT port next to the 3 prong. Is that where I make a ground wire and connect from there to engine block? If so which one BAT or TACH? We're getting there,,,,,,,,,, thanks for your patience!
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
you are the man!!!!!!!! I'll take a w.a.g. on the ground strap. Adjusted timing some and it is purring like a kitten. I appreciate your patience!
Expert:  32dmadden replied 10 years ago.
Glad to see you got it going. Been gone the last couple of days. Thanks for the accept and the bonus.