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what causes the head gasket to blow how could the driver ...

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what causes the head gasket to blow? how could i the driver prevent this problem. i know there are engine oils out there that help keep your engine from over heating i used it on my nissan sentra and my engine doesn't up the way it used to. so what really causes the head gasket to blow?

There are several things that can cause a head gasket to blow.

1)Continued driving after vehicle overheats without repairing it.

2)Continued driving with either low coolant levels

3)Not keeping proper coolant/water mixure

4)Continued driving with low oil level causing engine to run hotter

5)Not flushing coolant system AT LEAST once a year-sediment & rust builds up in passages causing head gasket failure

6)Additives such as barseal and others that supposedly plug small radiator leaks

7)Normal wear and tear

8)Defective head gasket material

As you can see vehicle owners can prevent 99% of all head gasket failure if they properly maintain their vehicle.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
o.k. but what would we ask an auto mechanic to look for when we go in for a tune up,or are you saying we could do these things on our own by checking under hood for faulty head gasket?

IF you suspect a blown head gasket, you need to have a technician do test the vehicle for a blown head gasket. As far as just having it checked periodically, have your technician do a coolant pressure test at least twice a year. Unfortunately there is no test to determine if a head gasket is good but in a weakened condition, in other words no way to forecast when or if your head gasket is getting ready to fail.
Doing your reoutine maintaince on your vehicle will GREATLY reduce the risk of a blown head gasket- flush your coolant system once a year using proper coolant/water mixture, as well as knowing NOT to drive vehicle if it is overheating and checking your oil and coolant levels.