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F150: clicking noise..dim..I have already replaced the starter..fender

Customer Question

I have a f150 that when you turn the key it makes a rapid clicking noise at the starter, but the lights dont go dim like when you have a low battery. I have already replaced the starter and all of the connections at the battery. Yes an i have replaced the fender wall silinoid also. I already have the steering column dropped and i am having a little bit of trouble IDing the switch. I think it might be the one with the multiple wire plug i need to be sure before i pull it. thank you
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Lurch replied 10 years ago.


You don't have to drop the Steering Column. The Switch is located at the End of or other side of the Key Switch. Remove the Upper Shroud to expose it.
You may want to Jumper the Vehicle first to verify the Battery & Cables are not the Cause. Put Jumper Cable on the Solenoid / Relay to see if the Battery Cable may be the problem

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.

  2. Remove the steering column shroud and lower the steering column.

  3. Disconnect the switch wiring at the multiple plug.

  4. Remove the two nuts that retain the switch to the steering column.

  5. Lift the switch vertically upward to disengage the actuator rod from the switch and remove the switch.

  6. When installing the ignition switch, both the locking mechanism at the top of the column and the switch itself must be in the LOCK position for correct adjustment. To hold the mechanical parts of the column in the LOCK position, move the shift lever into PARK (with automatic transmissions) or REVERSE (with manual transmissions), turn the key to the LOCK position, and remove the key. New replacement switches, when received, are already pinned in the LOCK position by a metal shipping pin inserted in a locking hole on the side of the switch.

  7. Engage the actuator rod in the switch.

  8. Position the switch on the column and install the retaining nuts, but do not tighten them.

  9. Move the switch up and down along the column to locate the mid-position of rod lash, and then tighten the retaining nuts.

  10. Remove the locking pin, connect the battery cable, and check for proper start in PARK or NEUTRAL.-Also check to make certain that the start circuit cannot be actuated in the DRIVE and REVERSE position.

  11. Raise the steering column into position at instrument panel. Install steering column shroud.