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what is the difference between an explorer sport and an ...

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what is the difference between an explorer sport and an explorer sport trac?
The Explorer sport is basically a two door version of the Explorer. It uses the same chassis as the older Explorers (95-2001), whereas the Explorer XLT (4 door) was redesigned in 2002.

The Explorer sport trac is the Explorer sport, except with an open bed in the back (like a pickup truck) instead of enclosed passenger/cargo space.

Hope this answers things for you!
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
The reason I asked this question is because i am looking at a grill guard to place on my 1999 ford explorer 2 door sport. I keep finding that sites say that a grill guard will not fit the 2 door sport but would fit a regular explorer from the same year, or would fit an explorer sport trac. why is this
Ahh yes.. in 1999 the Explorer Sport had a slightly different front end design and a different bumper. It was made this way to make it look a little "sportier" and a little less truck-like, whereas the regular Explorer and the Sport Trac were designed to look more like trucks.

Although the chassis is the same, I have a feeling the bumper on the Sport may interfere with the grille guard, but really it's hard to tell. It's quite possible the people who determine the applications for the grille guard either overlooked the Sport, or determined that it just wouldn't "look right" on that application.

Without having two in front of me right now to compare to, it's just too hard to be certain.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
If I changed the front bumper would that allow me to mount a grill guard more easily or find more components that would fit. Also, why are there no suspension lifts for this vehicle. I got the vehicle because I liked the look and felt it would be a great vehicle to work on, did I make the right choice or did I pick a dud for suv that would be easily upgraded?
The thing is the Explorer Sport wasn't designed to be a rough and rugged looking vehicle. It was designed to have a Lower, Sporty look to it, hence the name.

I do agree that it is a great driving and great looking vehicle but the simple fact is that the manufacturers of these lift kits and truck kits market their products for what the majority of the public want.. and most people want to lift the regular explorers or tracs...

I'll be honest.. it's quite possible your grill guard will bolt right on with little to no modifications... also just about any lift kit for a 99 explorer should fit your vehicle, as it has the same chassis.. it just worries me when they specifically state that it will not work on the Explorer Sport. I don't want to see you spend money on a part that just simply will not fit, due to a lower body profile... Like I said there's just no way for me to be sure.. most people with Sports want to lower it, not raise it!

Anyways.. I wouldn't go as far as calling your vehicle a "dud"... just make sure the parts you purchase have good return policies.
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