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drobbi, auto mechanic
Category: Ford
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2007 Ford F250: 6.0...problems with this new truck as for as engine

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I got a new 2007 Ford F250 SD with the 6.0. Is their any thing I need to be looking for as signs of problems with this new truck as for as engine. I keep hearing about problems and have tried to fine any thing on the internet on the 2007 6.0 but all I have found is itemson the older ones.

HiCustomer Unfortunatly the 6.0s have had a bad reputation, so bad ford is pulling them for the new 6.4 next year. But you have probably the best of the 6.0. All failures in the past have been revised and repaired for your engine. Also they have come out with the latest calibration for this year. The only problems I have seen on the 07 is usually due to lack of maintaince issues. Now every now and then I will get an occasianal truck with a problem but every vehicle in the market does. Things to watch out for is the coolant bottle overflow especially when towing. This is a sighn of a head gasket leak or egr cooler leak. In th 07 it has been updated but hasnt really been tested to much. Starting issues after getting hot it doesnt want to start. This consern could b caused by an injector problem or the quick connect on your high pressure oil pump. They have revised parts for these issues that ar possible already in your truck. The best thing about your truck is you have a 100k warranty with a 100 dollar deductible after base warranty runs out. The most important thing you need to look for is good fuel. Always try to use a vendor that goes through fuel. If they dont sell it a lot it could gell up or have water in it. This will carbon up intake and cause problems with egrs,turbos and fuel water and seperator clogging up and turning on light.To help ford has an additive that helps with this, I recommend a bottle at least ever 2 or 3 tankfulls. IT is also a cetaine additive to help with power and fuel mileage. It is also important to drive this vehicle not to let it sit. I had one that the only time they drove it was on sunday going to church.This is bad for a 6.0. Rust can buiold up in your turbo as well as your fuel gelling as well as bacteria growing in the fuel. I hope this helps you. If you need any other help or have any questions dont hesitate to email me

thanks drobbi

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
My truck stays parked for two weeks a month for I work off shore. But the two weeks I am home it gets a work out pulling my boat and other. I live in the south and we do not have much problems with fuel gelling. In my 03 dodge I use the lucise fuel additive what do you thank about it.
As long as you use the additive you should be ok. I live in the south myself and we still get what I call gelling it is bacteria that grows in your tank, it looks like a greyish white gook substance. I have heard if you fill your vehicle up before long periods of sitting it will help with the water and bacteria growth. The only thing you should need to worry about is rust build up in the turbo. But as long as you drive it as you say you should be fine. As long as you use a good additive to help with bacteria and cetaine additive it will help with the sitting around and (gelling) gook. I have not used lucise, but if it worked good for your dodge it should be ok. hope this helps thanks drobbi
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
You are very welcome!