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2003 F-150: I disconnect the spark plug COP coil..wiring harness

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On a 2003 F-150 4.6 how do I disconnect the spark plug COP coil from the wiring harness? Is there a clip or release button?
I've tried pulling it straight off using a lot of force and I'm afraid I may break something
Hi, at the end of the connecter at the COP there is a tab press the tab and pull out on the connecter, it will be at the end closes to the wires going in the connecter on the top side, thanks
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
There is no plastic tab on any of the COP connectors. There is just a slot with a metal bottom where maybe a special tool or key could be inserted. (On the top side closest to the wires). Still unable to disconnect the COP from the wiring harness. 2003 F150 4.6. Any further suggestions?

Hi, on the end closes to the wires at the top is a plastic tab , push the tab down and pull the connecter away from the coil on plug, no special tools needed , thanks



Customer: replied 10 years ago.
There is no plastic tab. there is just a notch like slot running out to the wires. Down in the bottom is a metal bottom but no tab.

Hi, there is a plastic tab on the top side of the connetor, put your finger on the top side of the connecter and run it down to the end of the conector where the wires go into the connecter , you will feel and tab, press the tab down and pull the conecter away from the coil, I have down hundreds of cop's , trust me it's there,see the last picture on the last post, under his thumb is where the tab is, thanks


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thanks for your patience. All of my connectors are installed upsdide down. The tab is on the underside. I just unhooked #1.

I went to palm springs mootors (ford) tday and the service manager took one off for me to show me but it looked nothing like mine. Now I know, all of mine are upside down.

I really appreciate your patience and respect your knowledge and experience. I will push "accept" with great pleasure and a lot of thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, no problem, glad to assist you, have a great weekend and be safe, thanks