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Glenn, Senior Master Ford Tech
Category: Ford
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Experience:  26 years exp with Ford Products, ASE Master Auto & Truck + advanced engine perf L1/L2 Gas & Diesel
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OBD II code was P0353, so i replaced the coil, problem continues

Resolved Question:

OBD II code was P0353, so i replaced the coil, problem continues, where can I look up causes??
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Glenn replied 10 years ago.

Hello there,

make, model, year, engine size, man or automatic, is it 4x4?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Glenn's Post: The vehicle is a ford f150 4x2 2005 v-6 4.2litre, automatic. The truck is losing power, and comes close to stalling then will recover. one oddity was we just replaced the battery, thinking did the problem cause the battery drain or could the battery have caused the running problem. The losss of speed happens in running speeds. With the new coil 6 pack it is a lesser loss of power. This is an interesting service. [email protected] Thank you too.
Expert:  Glenn replied 10 years ago.

hello john,

I'm sorry for all the questions but how many miles on your truck and is the check engine light still on, [codeP0353 resolved?] when is the last time the fuel filter replaced? Does the engine miss ? Have you checked fuel pressure?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Glenn's Post: 68k miles, check engine light came back on shortly after I cleared the code and sent driver on his way with the new coil installed. Its one of my work trucks (employee Driver) have not gotten with him to see if new code or same po353. Fuel filter was replaced within 10k miles. have not checked pressure from fuel pump. I am an exterminator and decent with my hands but not a pro with the tools of mechanic. Hoping to get him in the shop tomarrow to check code again. not sure if its a miss or not, will need to drive it. Thank you

Expert:  Glenn replied 10 years ago.
OK john, I check my questions periodically through out the day, I'll be looking for an update on your problem. If you can borrow or buy a fuel pressure gauge, I think your going to need it to rule out fuel pressure.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Glenn's Post: Ok Glenn,

Checked codes again today and Drove truck, Bank 1 running lean code PO171, Misfire on cylinder three PO303, Primary and Secondary coil malfunction P0353 and various random cylinder misfires.

I drove the truck and its intermittent with trouble, runs rough as starve for fuel or missing, gets worse with Airconditioner on. If it was my 64 elcamino I would say the plugs loaded up. At one point it was not wanting to accelerate over 55 miles per hr.

ran it for few minutes at speeds of 55+ aand seemed to clean up. Computers and cars make for fun....

Expert:  Glenn replied 10 years ago.

Hi John,

So its still missing, I would ignore the lean code for now, need to eliminate the secondary side first, so new plug and wire on number 3 [Ford sells just one plug wire] because after that it would be ohming out the wiring back to the pcm from the coil pack.

I would make sure I have a good signal from the pcm for the coil..Use test light,clip on the pos battery and test the 3 circuits back to pcm. Then get back with me, I have to figure out how to send these new diagrams.

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