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1993 ford escort lx: wagon..manual transmission..the clutch in..peddle

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1993 ford escort lx wagon 4 door

engine 1.9L I4 EFI

manual transmission

i notice that while i am driving if i press the clutch in it seems to slowly let itself back out while the peddle is still depressed... i notice that the engine seems to grab and want to go.

it does this in any gear however i really notice it when i am stopped. if i leave the car in first gear while stopped with the clutch engaged.., it slowly starts to want to move forward eventually the car transmission will grab completly and if i continue to hold the brake it eventually stalls after some protest.

while it does this it is very difficult to put the car in nuetral and at times it seems that letting of and repressing the clutch is ineffective. this also happens in other gears too, the availible fix is to pump the clutch. the clutch works fine while the car is off.

why is it doing this and how do i fix it
specifics appreciated
my car knowledge is above norm
pictures a plus but not needed if specific

Hi there!It sounds like a problem with either the clutch master cylinder or the slave cylinder.Check for any fluid loss at either location.It works just like your brakes and you are losing pressure someplace. Here is some info on the slave cylinder.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

  2. Disconnect the clutch slave cylinder tube from the clutch slave cylinder. Plug the line to prevent leakage.

  3. Remove the two clutch slave cylinder retainers.

  4. Remove the slave cylinder.

To install:

  1. Position the slave cylinder and install the two retaining bolts. Tighten the retaining bolts to 12-17 ft. lbs. (16-23 Nm).

  2. Unplug and connect the clutch slave cylinder tube. Tighten the tube nut to 10-16 ft. lbs. (13-22 Nm).

  3. Bleed any air from the hydraulic clutch system.

  4. Operate the clutch pedal and check for leaks.

  5. Connect the negative battery cable.

  6. Road test the vehicle and check for proper operation.

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 1: Slave cylinder mounting-1991-96 models


Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 2: Location of the two slave cylinder retaining nuts-1997-99 models


See Figure 3

  1. Check that the brake master cylinder is at least 3/4 full during the entire bleeding process.

  2. Remove the bleeder screw cap from the clutch slave cylinder and attach a hose to the bleeder screw. Place the other end of the hose into a container to catch the fluid.

  3. Have an assistant slowly pump the clutch pedal several times and then hold the clutch pedal down.

  4. Loosen the bleeder screw to release the fluid and air. Tighten the bleeder screw.

  5. Repeat the bleeding procedure until no more air bubbles are seen in the fluid.

  6. Tighten the bleeder screw to 52-78 inch lbs. (6-9 Nm).

  7. Top off the brake master cylinder to the full line.

  8. Check for proper clutch system operation.

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. 3: Attach a hose to the bleeder screw and place the other end of the hose into a container to catch the fluid-1991-96 model shown

The clutch master uses fluid from the brake master cylinder, might be your brake master is low on brake fluid.Thanks


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