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firing order for a 1997 E150 Van..diagram..wires go from Ignition Coil

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Looking for the firing order for a 1997 E150 Van 4.2L. I also need somewhat of a diagram as to how the wires go from Ignition Coil to wires. I think someone messed mine up.


Hi, here is the information, thanks


ItemPart NumberDescription
1 12029 Ignition Coil
2 - Cylinder 4 (-) (Part of 12029)
3 - Coil 2 (Part of 12029)
4 - Cylinder 6 (-)
(Part of 12029)
5 - Coil 3 (Part of 12029)
6 - Cylinder 5 (-)
(Part of 12029)
7 - Coil 1 (Part of 12029)
8 - Cylinder 1 (+)
(Part of 12029)
9 - Cylinder 2 (+)
(Part of 12029)
10 - Cylinder 3 (+)
(Part of 12029)



RH 1,2,3 front to back LH 4,5,6 front to back


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Cheeko's Post: Ok I am lost with 7 8 9 10 numbers. I know on drivers side it is Sitting in drivers seat it is 654 from seat to front of vehicle. From passenger seat it is 321 to front of vehicle. My concern is what plugs go where. On drivers side they are criss crossed, passenger side they go straight across and no cross overs. This is where I am lost.

Thanks Cheeko,


Hi, here is a better picture ,sorry for any problems, thanks


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
First Thanks for your reply.

One more question. From what I am seeing in that diagram no wires should cross at all. They should all come from coil directly to the placed plug in the prospective order. I hope I explained that right, LOL.
Hi, on the drivers side 5 and 6 or the only difference , go by the numers indicated on the diagram I sent and ou will be o.k., thanks, XXXXX XXXXX help please let me know
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Ok then I guess I have more trouble then I thought then. Have a MAJOR running problem was told 123 were misfiring From the Code Scanner from Advanced Auto Parts and all plugs and wires have been changed. Soooo. I am at a loss.

Again Thanks for your help and replies. Guess it is time to dig deeper.

Hi, thanks , hope my information helped.
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