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tthearch1, auto mechanic
Category: Ford
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Experience:  mechanic for 20 years my ford training started in 1994 became master certified with ford in 2001
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2001 Ford Focus: driving down..windshield wipers turned..headlights

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My 2001 Ford Focus engine died while driving down the road. At first the windshield wipers turned on and the car would try to start when turning the key. Now headlights turn on, radio works but no ignition when turning the key. Its a manual trans.
the first to check is the condition of the battery and cable connections at the battery check for corrosion it maybe as simple as a corroded battery cable or bad battery oryou could have battery cable troubles where they run from the battery to the fuse box and down to the starter you could have a charging problem if the altenator isn't charging properly it could have discharged the battery causing the vahicle to stall and not restart turn the headlamps on and have someone attempt to start the vehicle observe the headlamps to if they go out or really dim if so charge or replace the battery and check the charging system i hope this helps if so pleasehit accept thanks
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Done all that, I was driving down the road at 70 MPH, the engine just died and the windshield wipers started working, when I first moved to the shoulder of the road the engine cranked one time then quit the wipers also quit working, headlights come on all instrument lights/radio works, put it on a bat charger says fully charged but engine does not engage nor do the windshield wipers work.
i would inspect the battery cables connections and where they run to the fuse box and starter from there i would check for ignition power to the starter on the start wire which is the small wire at the starter you could have two problems also is the theft light flashing if it is you will have to have it diagnosis it could have a bad key or transeiver i hope this helps if so please hit accept thanks
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