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Randall    (Cheeko)
Randall (Cheeko), Certified Mechanic Ford Motor Co.
Category: Ford
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How do I change the rear axle bearing on my 2001 f150

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how do I change the rear axle bearing on my 2001 f150

Rear Wheel Bearing and Axle Shaft Oil Seal


Remove the axle shaft. .

NOTE: If the wheel bearing oil seal is leaking, the axle housing vent may be plugged with foreign material.

NOTE: If only a new seal needs to be installed, use care to avoid damaging the seal bore.

Using a suitable seal remover, remove the axle shaft oil seal. Discard the oil seal.

Inspect the rear wheel bearing and axle shaft for wear or damage.

If necessary, using the special tools, remove the rear wheel bearing


Axle Shaft

NOTE: Empty the lubricant into a clean container for reuse.

Remove the differential housing cover.

Remove the 10 differential housing cover bolts and drain the lubricant from the rear axle housing.

Remove the differential housing cover.

Vehicles with drum brakes

Remove the rear brake drums.

Vehicles with disc brakes

Remove the rear disc brake caliper. .

Wire the rear disc brake caliper aside.

Remove the rear brake disc.

All vehicles

Remove the differential pinion shaft.

Remove and discard the differential pinion shaft lock bolt.

Remove the differential pinion shaft.


Remove the U-washers.

Push the axle shafts.

Remove the U-washers


Remove the two axle shafts.




If you need more information please let me know thanks

you will need a bearing puller to remove the bearings , you may be able to rent one from autozone

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Cheeko's Post: Cheeko, I am getting this info for my technically challenged husband who is bringing friends over this weekend to change the rear axle bearings on our 2001 F150 4x4. Is there anything else you think I should know before I "accept" this to print it out for him? Also, if on the weekend, GOD FORBID they should run into problems, can I email you, or do I have to pay again?

Hi, if you run into any problems or have a question just comeback and ask and you want have to pay again . Don't relist it, come back to the page you are on I will sent some special tools they may need

SAE 75W-140 Synthetic Rear Axle Lubricant
XY-75W140-QL fluid for the rear end

Remover, Axle Bearing
205-193 (T83T-1225-A)
Installer, Axle Oil Seal
205-190 (T83T-1175-A)
Adapter For 303-224 (Handle)
205-153 (T80T-4000-W)
Slide Hammer
100-001 (T50T-100-A)
Installer, Axle Bearing
205-194 (T83T-1225-B)

you can try autozone for the tools they rent them thanks