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wiring diagram for ford f250 auxiliary switch panel

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i need a wiring diagram to show how to wire accessory/auxiliary devices to the auxiliary switch panel in a 2005 ford f-250 super duty.
Are you referring to the factory installed upfitter switches next to the brake controller
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Chris's Post: Yes. the 4 large toggle switches (factory equipment). i know they are wired to a relay box/control box somewhere but i need to know where and how to connect into the switch or relay for a particular switch.

Principles of Operation

When the vehicle's ignition key is in the RUN position voltage is supplied to upfitter relay control circuit. The upfitter relay closes and voltage is supplied to the upfitter relay box fuse 701 through circuit 1717 (VT/OG). The upfitter switch receives voltage through circuit 296 (WH/VT) and then distributes voltage to the 4 circuit control switches. When a control switch is closed it supplies voltage on circuit(s) 153 (VT/YE) upfitter relay #1, 154 (VT/LG) upfitter relay #2, 155 (GY/RD) upfitter relay #3, or 156 (GY/OG) upfitter relay #4 to one of the 4 upfitter relays in the upfitter relay box, closing the relay(s). Voltage is supplied to the switched side of the upfitter relays on circuits 1448 (OG/RD) upfitter relay #1, 1445 (RD/LG) upfitter relay #2, 1446 (RD/LB) upfitter relay #3, or 1447 (RD) upfitter relay #4. When the relay closes, voltage is supplied through the relay to the output circuits (blunt cut ends) 1936 (OG/LG) upfitter relay #1, 1933 (OG) upfitter relay #2, 1934 (OG/YE) upfitter relay #3, or 1935 (OG/LB) upfitter relay #4. The output circuits (blunt cut ends) supply voltage to the installed accessories connected to the upfitter relay box.

Visual Inspection Chart Electrical
Central junction box (CJB) fuse(s): In car fuse panel
3 (10A)
5 (10A)
108 (30A)
109 (30A)
115 (20A)
Upfitter relay box fuse 701 (5A)
Upfitter relay #1
Upfitter relay #2
Upfitter relay #3
Upfitter relay #4
Upfitter relay box
Upfitter relay switch(es)

The upfitter relay box is behind the glove box.




Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Where is this relay box located?
The upfitter relay box is behind the glove box there is also a pic on the last post
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