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I have a 2002 F150 Lariat, Crew-cab, 8 Cyl. with Power ...

Customer Question

I have a 2002 F150 Lariat, Crew-cab, 8 Cyl. with Power Windows, Power Sunrood, Cruise Control, and Interior Lights do not work - The manual has the fuses laid out wrong, no one has been able to find fuse box #4, and each diagram Ford dealership has provided has been a no go as well - short of paying they to hook up the machine- - is there a reliable fuse diagram available out there?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Fordster replied 10 years ago.
Are you looking for a diagram of the inside fusebox or the outside box?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Fordster's Post: I need diagram of what each fuse is for. On the fuse box access cover Ford went to the trouble of numbering the fuses, but the numbers don't go as it's listed in the Owners Manual - which is pretty broad with the description anyway since it's to cover the F150 series not just the Lariat. Makes it a little tough to check a fuse or if using the correct amps.
Since I bought it used the Ford dealer certainly has been of zero help. My request to Ford has been two listings for other F150 trucks - same year - wrong layout - and special request to the Service Manager for copy of the electrical system for this particular VIN finally receive a reply stating Ford doesn't keep any such records in regards XXXXX XXXXX particular VIN. Good thing Ford never had a recall - huh?
Expert:  Fordster replied 10 years ago.
You didn't anser my question. There are 2 boxes, the inside box or the underhood box?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Fordster's Post: If it pretains to controll relays or fuses for the electrical system, then the answer to your question would be YES.

And according to Ford; there are two under the hood and two inside, three of which have been located, one being correctly illustrated in the manual, the other two confirmed as being incorrectly illustrated.

The fourth fuse / relay box remains yet unfound - and likely contains blown fuses and/or relays controlling the power window, sunroof, interior lights, etc

In any case, I would still be interested in knowing THE LOCATION OF ALL FUSES/RELAYS BOXES, AN ILLUSTRATED DIAGRAM SHOWING THEIR LAYOUT WITHIN THAT BOX, AND THE REQUIRED AMPERAGE OF EACH. Bonus points if they coincide with one another.

Basically what every other car manufacturer on the planet puts on the fuse/relay box cover panel (sometimes referred to as the lid).
Expert:  Fordster replied 10 years ago.

There are 2 fuse boxes, one in the engine compartment and one under the dash.

Will you pay for those 2?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Fordster's Post: So your saying the third fuse/relay box that I have located behind the passenger kick panel doesn't exist?
If so then I'll have to pass on your offer and believe I will continue my search elsewhere. Sorry to have wasted your time and that of the service provider.

Now how to unsubscribe would be my next question - no, cancel that.
Expert:  Fordster replied 10 years ago.

You asked for the location of fuse boxes not relay boxes and there are 2.

Good luck with that.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Fordster's Post: True my original question stated fuses. It also stated that the problem was the power windows not working, any of the power windows - including the sunroof, and that no one seem to be able to locate the fuse that controled them.
Now I'm not a mechanic or a electrician. I know very little about car repairs actually, but it stands to reason that if the problem were that all the power windows were not working that the problem would likely be a faulty relay rather than a fuse.

If the idea behind this site were to be of assistance shouldn't that have been pointed out initially rather than continueing on towards the goal of selling for $9 buck a copy of an illustration (no, double that for two illustrations for $18 bucks) which in all rights should have been inserted in the owners manual from day one.

Yeap, that is exactly the kind of support I've been getting from the local Ford dealership too. I'VE GOT A BETTER IDEA - Color me gone.
Expert:  Fordster replied 10 years ago.

That's what happens when you try to be smarter than the people your asking for help.

Good luck with that.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Fordster's Post: You certainly got me there. In fact I believe I would be interested in purchasing those two copies you've mentioned.

Where do I sign up?
Expert:  Fordster replied 10 years ago.

Battery junction box (under hood)







Central junction box (under dash)







Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Sorry, but these two copies are identical to those in the manual and the ones from the dealer – both confirmed as incorrect.

Still I double checked to make certain – which had to wait until this afternoon – and definitely not laid out same as it’s wired.

In the BJB pulling the relay located C1051 (Fuel Pump Relay) has no effect, cranks and runs, no problem. Same with F1.18, no effect on door locks.

On the other there are 5 amp fuses in F2.7 and a 10 amp in F2.25. No idea what they may relate to, only if they’re not used then why do they have the fuse mount connectors installed? I didn’t waste anymore time by going through each.

Diagrams are of absolutely no help.

As stated originally, power windows, cruise control, interior lights, etc do not work. And (1) Passenger Compartment Fuse Block, (2) Power Distribution Fuse Box, (3) Engine Fuse Box) and (Primary Battery Fuse Block) – TOTAL OF 4 (FOUR) FUSE BOXES. Three have been located with only one to coincide with the manual.

Again, is there anyone able to offer assistance with the problem? As stated! Please, keep in mind that if I were a technician I wouldn’t be asking how the blasted thing worked or what I needed to fix it. I will be glad to answer any questions, as best I can, it’s just not my area.

Copies of the diagram showing the layout of all FOUR FUSE BOXES would be nice, but not essential. Thank you for your time and for any assistance you may have to offer.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
The question was not properly answered nor was the answer given correct.
Not too impressed with the derogatory comment I received with that one either, but at least there were no charges.
Expert:  HDGENE replied 10 years ago.

graphicAre you sure you are pulling the correct relay out when you pull the fuel pump relay.Sometimes you can look at the layout backwards.Post your VIN number for more specific information. Sometimes fuse panels when a vehicle is bought used may have fuses installed in the inappropriate areas. Fuse F1.18 as you mentioned should not have any effect on the power windows as it controls circuit protection for the electronic engine controls system.The other fuse boxes are MINI fuse boxes, most are alongside the driverside fender towards the firewall,very small. Below is a PDF file with the generic picture of the ciruit. Everything involved is strictly in the main Battery and Central Junction box.


The other fuse/relay boxes control the foloowing:

Auxilary Relay box #4 Has 2 relays, one for the blower motor and the other for the Indicator flasher relay

Aux Relay box 5:Relays for the Mirror turn signals

Aux Relay box 1: Crash Fuel SHutoff Relay, Fuel pump High/low relay

Aux Relay Box 2:Daytime running lamps relays (2)

Aux relay box 3:Park lamp relay, Headlamp relay,transfer case/Mecnaical Shift on the fly relay