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How do I check the Transmission Fluid in my 2000 Ford Ranger

Customer Question

I have a 5 speed do I check the fluid level?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  ford dr replied 10 years ago.
The fluid check level plug is on the left side of the trans about midway up. Best of my memory it is a 1 1/16 head hex kind of brassy colored. The drain plug is at the bottom and check plug up from itabout 4-5 inches. when you remove the plug it will usually drip out, if so tighten it back up, you are o.k., if it doesn't reach in with little finger or small screwdriver, if within 1/2 inch of plug it is o.k.
If not you will need to add mercon ATF to top it off through this hole. I usually use the sqirt nipple from a gear oil bottle on trans fluid bottle to accomplish this.
Thank you for allowing us to help.
Glenn Irvin, Ford Dr.