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how difficult is it to change oil pump 1999 ford ranger ...

Resolved Question:

how difficult is it to change oil pump 1999 ford ranger pick up 2wd and 3.0 v6
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  HDGENE replied 10 years ago.

3.0L Engine

See Figure 4

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

  2. Remove the oil level dipstick.

  3. Remove the fan shroud. Leave the fan shroud over the fan assembly.

  4. Remove the motor mount nuts from the frame


  1. If equipped, mark and remove the distributor assembly from the engine.

  2. Raise and support the vehicle safely. Remove the oil level sensor wire.

  3. Drain the engine oil from the crankcase into a suitable container and dispose of it properly.


  1. Remove the starter motor from the engine.

  2. Remove the transmission inspection cover.

  3. Remove the right hand axle I-Beam. The brake caliper must be removed and secured out of the way. Refer to the necessary service procedures.

  4. Remove the oil pan attaching bolts, using a suitable lifting device, raise the engine about 2 inches. Remove the oil pan from the engine block.

Oil pan fits tightly between the transmission spacer plate and oil pump pickup tube. Use care when removing the oil pan from the engine.

  1. Clean all gasket surfaces on the engine and oil pan. Remove all traces of old gasket and/or sealer


The oil pumps are not serviceable. If defective, they must be replaced.

  1. Follow the service procedures under Oil Pan Removal and remove the oil pan assembly.

  2. Remove the oil pick-up and tube assembly from the pump.

  3. Remove the oil pump retainer bolts and remove the oil pump.

To install:

  1. Prime the oil pump with clean engine oil by filling either the inlet or outlet port with clean engine oil. Rotate the pump shaft to distribute the oil within the pump body.

  2. Install the pump and tighten the mounting bolts to:

    • 14-21 ft. lbs. (19-29 Nm) on 17-7 2.3L engines

    • 6-10 ft. lbs. (8-14 Nm) on 2.9L engines

    • 30-40 ft. lbs. (41-54 Nm) on 3.0L engines

    • 13-15 ft. lbs. (18-20 Nm) on 4.0L engines




      1. Install the oil pick-up and tube assembly to the pump. If there is a gasket between the pump and the pick-up, use a new gasket when installing.

      2. Install the oil pan as previously described.

      Click image to see an enlarged view
      Fig. 1: Oil pump installation on the 17-7 2.3L engine


      Click image to see an enlarged view
      Fig. 2: Oil pump installation on the 3.0L engines


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