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Ford Taurus: entire new cigarette lighter (and socket)..ashtray

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my "97" Ford Taurus wagon need an entire new cigarette lighter (and socket) and don't know how to get at it to replace. It's located in the ashtray.

Console Mounted


  1. Remove beverage holder by carefully unsnapping front portion using a flat-blade screwdriver. Grasp beverage holder and unsnap from console panel (045A36).

  1. Open ash receptacle (30702) and move gearshift lever (7210) to 1 position.

  1. Grasp console top panel (044D90) and pull rearward to unsnap from console center finish panel. Remove electrical connectors from cigar lighter socket and retainer (15055) and lamp assembly.

  1. Remove console top panel from vehicle.


  1. Follow removal procedure in reverse order.

Instrument Panel Mounted


  1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301). Refer to Section 14-01.

  1. Open ash receptacle.

  1. At RH rear of ash receptacle, disconnect electrical connectors to cigar lighter socket and retainer.

  1. Depress locking tab on LH rear and RH rear corners of ash receptacle toward center and pull ash receptacle from instrument panel (04320).

  1. Unscrew retainer from socket and remove cigar lighter socket and retainer.


  1. Follow removal procedure in reverse order

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to HDGENE's Post: do you have some more diagrams to make it a little easier? This probably is very easy for you but not for me. I have never worked on a car in my life, but with more diagrams I'm sure I could do it.
Thanks alot
Is it a center console like shown or in the dash?