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2001 ford expedition: oem..tailgate..pulling..relay

Resolved Question:

I have just bought a 2001 ford expedition with oem lighted running boards. My issue is we tailgate at football games about every weekend in the fall (a major reason for the vehicle purchase) I need to know how to shut off the running board lights when the rear gate is open (other than pulling the fuse from the fuse panel) how can I temp diable the turn on relay?

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Brian replied 11 years ago.
The only way to disable the relay besides pulling it out of the interior fuse panel would be to interrupt the wiring somewhere with a switch. There are several options. You could put a switch in the power wiring to the running board lights (this would disable only those lights, the other interior lights would still work when the liftgate was opened. Or you could disable the liftgate ajar switch so that the GEM (Generic Electronic Module) would not know the liftgate was open (this would allow the lights to be off unless someone opened another door).

The GEM controls the interior light relay which powers the dome lighting and the running board lights. The running board light power comes from a dedicated circuit through a dedicated fuse, so it would be easy to disable the running board lights without affecting the rest of the dome lamps inside the car.

If you want to install a switch, let me know which way you want it to work, and I can supply you with the wiring diagrams and instructions.

For now, pull fuse 15 from the battery junction box (underhood fusebox). It is a 10 Amp fuse that only disables the running board lighting. The rest of the dome lamps will still work.

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