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Coolant gets on your serpentine belt and causes a squeaking noise

Customer Question

If coolant gets on your serpentine belt and causes a squeaking noise, will the noise go away when the coolant dries up or wears off?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 11 years ago.
Yes it will stop squeaking when it dries out, if the belt is adjusted correctly.
Expert:  Fordster replied 11 years ago.

Coolant does not dry out because it does not evaporate.

You can try washing it off with a hose but my experience has been that it's hard to get rid of without changing the belt.

I usually spray a pressure hose right at the inside of the belt with the engine running.

Stand back, it will spray you

Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 11 years ago.
To be more exact it would depend if the antifreeze were made of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. It can wear off and to a lesser extent dry off. Washing is best as Hammertime suggested above, but I was hesitant to suggest that option. Often if you get water on the engine, it can cause problems. If the engine is hot and running it could even crack the manifold if the water was sprayed directly on it. It can cause moisture in the electrical system which can stop your engine from running. Even destroy your air filter if it gets wet. More information on the make and model of your car may be needed to give you a specific answer. I have stopped belts from squeaking by applying Ajax cleanser on the belt and then running the car. Do not try to do this while the engine is running and keep it away from the alternator. If the belt continues to squeak replacement may be the only option.
Expert:  Fordster replied 11 years ago.
Ajax cleanser is an abrasive compound and i would not put that on your belt at all. Most current coolants are Ethylene Glycol and do not evaporate. I deal with this every day and you can wash it off with a hose on the belt without any problems. I do it every day. If this doesn't work, don't put anything else on your belt, just replace it onto clean pulleys.