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1995 Ford Mustang GT: convertible..power seat..drivers side..clutch

Resolved Question:

1995 Ford Mustang GT convertible: The power seat on drivers side will go up and down, forward but not backward. This just recently happened after we brought it home from the auto repair shop to have a clutch replaced and mass airflow sensor. I am trying to get the seat to move backward but it will only move forward. Is the toggle switch bad or is their a problem elsewhere. The electric motor seems to be working as the seat will move in a forward direction. Is their any way to move the seat back manually? Any help would be appreciated.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Brian replied 11 years ago.
The way the switch works to reverse the motor is to simply reverse the polarity. Since the seat will move forward, it means the wiring and motor must work. That leaves the switch, which is probably not making good contact in the rear direction.

To get the seat to move, you will have to power the seat motor up with jumper wires instead of the switch. There is no way to manually move the seat without taking it out and removing it from the motor.

When the rearward switch is pressed, the Yellow/White stripe wire gets powered, and the Red/White wire is grounded. To use jumper wires, disconnect the switch, and jump the Yellow/White wire to the Black/White wire terminal in the seat switch harness connector. Then jump the Red/White wire to the Black wire for ground using a second jumper wire. Doing this will duplicate the switch being pressed in the rear position, and the seat should immediately move rearward.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Brian's Post: Brian,

I am amazed that you responded so quickly. I thought it was the switch also. I have taken the seat off the floor and disconnected the actual seat off the seat chassis that has the motors and is the base for the seat. So that I can clarify, the seat switch harness connector is located very close to the motor that moves the seat back and forth, correct? Also, it sounds like I will need to replace the switch which also has a harness to it. Where do you get them (Ford dealer or aftermarket) and what is the approximate cost?
Expert:  Brian replied 11 years ago.

Here are the instructions for replacing the switch. It looks like the switch is combined with a short length of harness, which travels under the seat and connects to a main harness. So, the replacement switch will come with the short length of wire harness already attached. The base part number for the switch is 14A701. The base part number is XXXXX middle section of the Ford part number, for example XXXX-14A701-XX, where the X's identify vehicle application, model year, revision level, etc.

Seat Regulator Control Switch
Removal and Installation

1. NOTE: Before servicing seat regulator control switch (14A701), check switch and housing connectors to ensure proper mating.

Remove two screws from seat regulator control switch bezel (14A706).

2. Disconnect seat regulator control switch and housing connectors from body main wiring (14A005) underneath seat.

3. Pull seat regulator control switch bezel and seat regulator control switch from seat, feeding connectors through seat regulator control mounting bracket opening.

4. Remove seat regulator control switch from seat regulator control switch bezel by depressing mounting tabs located in the sides of the seat regulator control switch bezel mounting cavity with two small screwdrivers.

Seat Regulator Control Switch and Wiring

Item---------------Part Number------------------Description

1……………….. N610130-S58……………..Screw (2 Req'd)

2……......................14A706....…Seat Regulator Control Switch Bezel

3……………………62900………………..Front Seat Cushion Cover

4……………………14A701…………Seat Regulator Control Switch

You can get a new switch from the dealer or an online Ford parts supplier like Ford Parts Network.

Click here for the Ford Parts Network page where I found the prices I pasted below:

Mustang, w/o Lumbar Control 94-98 $99.89

Mustang, w/Lumbar Control 94-98 $91.17

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