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91 Ford econoline: van..back and only two front seats

Resolved Question:

I just bought a '91 Ford econoline 350 van. It was purchased for my band's upcoming tour. It does not have a back seat, and I need to install one because there are three of us and only two front seats. I'd like to get a bench seat for it (but I really just need to get something in there by Wednesday) and am planning on going to a pick-a-part to find something suitable. I don't know how to bolt it down though! Where can I find basic instructions to help me do this? Will I need to drill holes in the floor, or are they already there? If I do need to drill holes, what type of drill or other equipment is necessary to get that seat in place? I've searched the web and found nothing on the subject. Please help if you can!
Thank you for your time, Joe
ps- we are committed to DIY because we are poor, so telling us to go to a mechanic is not a helpful answer.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Tim Basham replied 11 years ago.

Here are instructions for factory seats there should be threaded holes in the floor board to mount either fixed seats or quick remove seats. When you go to the pick a part hopefully you can find a ford van with factory seats it should be a direct bolt in. If you find conversion van seats they are normally bolted to the floor with 1/2 bolts and big flat washers. They will need to have holes drilled and can be a problem getting to the underside to get to the nuts. The tanks or frame rail can be in the way. I recomend trying to find a factory bench seat.

Center and Rear Seats


Quick Release Seats

Fig. 1: Lift the handle rearward to disengage the lock strikers

Fig. 2: Lift the seat back to disengage it from the locks and remove the seat

  1. Lift and rotate the seat latch handles rearward to disengage the lock strikers.
  2. Lift the latch hook end out of the locking holes in the strikers.
  3. Remove the seat from the van.

    To install:

  4. Install the seat and align the retainers with the floor strikers.
  5. Rotate the latch handle forward, which will cause the seat to slide forward and engage the strikers. Continue to rotate the handle until it contacts the top surface of the strikers.

Fixed Seats

  1. Unfasten the seat-to-floor and seat belt retainers.
  2. Remove the seat.
  3. Install the seat and tighten the retainers to 25–45 ft. lbs. (34–61 Nm) and the belt retainers to 10–22 ft. lbs. (14–29 Nm).

    Fig. 3: Loosen the seat-to-floor bolts

Quad Bucket Seats

  1. Disengage the seat belt.
  2. Pull the handle to release the seat from the pedestal.
  3. Remove the seat.

    To install:

  4. Install the seat and insert the four pins in the support assembly into the holes in the striker assembly.
  5. Rotate the handle downward to lock the seat in place and engage the seat belt.

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