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How do you replace a clutch on a 91 ford explorer

Customer Question

I need to know how can i replace the clutch on a 91 ford explorer. The clutch is stuck and i just bought a new clutch and i want to know how to replace the old clutch with a new clutch.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  david replied 11 years ago.

  1. Remove the gearshift lever assembly from the control housing.

  2. Cover the opening in the control housing with a cloth to prevent dirt from falling into the unit.

  3. Raise the vehicle and support it safely.

  4. On 2WD vehicles, matchmark the drive shaft to the rear axle flange. Position a drain pan under the tail end of the transmission. Remove the drive shaft-to-rear axle flange fasteners and pull the drive shaft rearward to disconnect it from the transmission.

  5. Disconnect the clutch hydraulic line a the clutch housing. Plug the lines.

  6. Disconnect the speedometer from the transfer case/extension housing.

  7. Disconnect the starter motor, back-up lamp and, if equipped, neutral sensing switch harness connector.

  8. Place a wood block on a service jack and position the jack under the engine oil pan.

  9. On 4WD vehicles, remove the transfer case from the vehicle.

  10. Remove the starter motor.

  11. Position a transmission jack, under the transmission.

  12. Remove the transmission-to-engine retaining bolts and washers.

  13. Remove the nuts and bolts attaching the transmission mount and damper to the cross member.

  14. Remove the nuts and bolts attaching the cross member to the frame side rails and remove the cross member.

  15. Lower the engine jack slightly to angle the transmission assembly. Work the clutch housing off the locating dowels and slide the clutch housing and the transmission rearward until the input shaft clears the clutch disc.

  16. Lower the transmission jack and remove the transmission from the vehicle.

  1. Mark the assembled position of the pressure plate and cover the flywheel, to aid during re-assembly.

  2. Loosen the pressure plate and cover attaching bolts evenly until the pressure plate springs are expanded, and remove the bolts.

  3. Remove the pressure plate and cover assembly and the clutch disc from the flywheel. Remove the pilot bearing only for replacement.

Check the flywheel surface for flatness and, if necessary, remove it from the engine for truing

Be sure that the flywheel surface is clean before installing the clutch

Typical clutch alignment tool, note how the splines match the transmission's input shaft

Use the clutch alignment tool to align the clutch disc during assembly.

To install:

Position the clutch disc on the flywheel so that the Clutch Alignment Shaft Tool can enter the clutch pilot bearing and align the disc.

if reinstalling the original pressure plate and cover assembly, align the assembly and flywheel according to the marks made during the removal operations. Position the pressure plate and cover assembly on the flywheel, align the pressure plate and disc, and install the retaining bolts that fasten the assembly to the flywheel. Tighten the bolts to 15-25 ft. lbs. (21-35 Nm) in the proper sequence. Remove the clutch disc pilot tool.