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94 ford ranger: solenoid..relay switch..the ignition switch..jump

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I have a '94 ford ranger , manual 5 speed , that will not start with out some help. i have replaced the battery , starter , solenoid , ignition switch , and the safety relay switch. when i turn the ignition switch there is nothing , but i can jump the solenoid and it starts just fine. can someone please help me?

 That can only mean one thing. The trigger signal from the ignition switch is not arriving. This can be a problem the the plug at the ignition switch, the plug at the bulkhead connecter, the starter relay or the clutch switch. You have to start at the ignition switch and follow the power through the circuit to find where you are losing it. The wire is Red/LtBlue when it leaves the ignition stitch. When it leaves the clutch switch, it is pink and changes back to Red/LtBlue to the starter relay. After the starter relay, it comes out black to go to the starter. I assume it's at the starter relay that your jumping it.

Here's the schematic

Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Tech501's Post: Where I am jumping it from is the solenoid located close to the battery on the front driver side fender. I have already replaced the clutch switch.
 Yes, that's what they call the relay. Well, I've supplied you with everything you need to get to the bottom of the problem. Just follow my instructions and the schematic and find out where you are losing it. You might want to try using a jumper wire to apply voltage directly the that ignition terminal on that solenoid to make sure the solenoid is good and it is wired correctly. Just follow the ignition wire and please click on the accept button to complete the transaction.
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