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I have an electrical problem something is touching that's

Customer Question

I have an electrical problem something is touching that's killing my battery I put a new solenoid my car is a 1985 Lincoln Town Car
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Lincoln
Expert:  Mike S. replied 1 year ago.

You are going to have to find the battery drain.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal and place an ammeter in between the cable end and the battery post with the negative test lead on the battery negative post. Close all doors, remove the hood bulb if it has one, turn the key off and remove the key then read the ammeter on the dc amp scale around 50 mA. Actually 50 mA is the minimum drain allowed from things that are on all the time like radio presets, clocks, a computer if this has one, etc.

If the drain is over 50 ma which also is the same as 0.050 amps, then you will have to find out what circuit is causing it. I would start by disconnecting the alternator wires one at a time and check the ammeter after disconnecting each wire to see if it falls safely below 50 mA. If not continue, next start removing all of the fuses and leave them out and after pulling each fuse, check the ammeter. When it finally falls below 50 mA tell me which wire or fuses allowed it to drop. It could possibly have just one drain or multiple so write it down to remember.