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Randall, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Lincoln
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Experience:  ASE Master Tech, 32 yrs experience, all aspects of diagnostic and repairs
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I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX AWD with less than 18K miles. I

Customer Question

I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX AWD with less than 18K miles. I purchased it approx. a year ago, CPO from a dealer with less than 4K miles on it.
She was just in for the 5K interval service a few weeks ago (oil change, tire check, brake inspection, multi-point inspection, fluid top off, batter check, etc.).
This past Sunday, my engine light flashed at me 4 times, the car shaking and driving sluggishly each time it did so. And then the engine light stayed on, but the car drove as normal.
I took her into the neighborhood dealership and was told that I need a major tune-up (spark plugs, PCV, coils). They offered to cover the coils under my base warranty, but said that the job was valued at approx. $1600 and I would need to pay $480 for the spark plugs.
In addition, I need to replace my brake pads. $180 each - front and back.
Does this seem likely? Or am I being taken for a ride by the dealership?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Lincoln
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I am Randall. I can agree with the diagnosis on a failed coil, This is notthat uncommon, These coils do have a high fail rate, We generally hookup scanner and view which cylinder is missing and do just that coil , but if they will pay ofr all 6? then that is a plus, $480 for plugs and labor? sure the upper intake is removed to get to the plugs but full book time is only 2.0 hours to change the plugs/coils so, if shop rate is say $100 per hour? =$200 labor plus plugs?that is no where near $480, That rate is way way high and needs to be questioned. Brakes? well they are close but pads only even that is a little high and I question why front and rear brakes at under 18k, I just do not see that, One should ask to see the brakes they say are bad, Ripping you off? dont think so but you do need to question them since I now explained everything