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I just purchase a 2008 Lincoln MKZ and three days after

Customer Question

I just purchase a 2008 Lincoln MKZ and three days after purchasing I was driving with my cruise on at about 65 and all of a sudden the car lost power. When I noticed I turned off the cruise and tried giving it gas but nothing happened. So I pulled to the shoulder and attempted to start it. When it crank the car started shaking and went dead. Waited about 5 min tried starting it again and it started but when attempted to put it in gear and give it gas it barley would even go forward as if it had no power at all. So changed the throttle body censor, and then I was told it needed a cam shaft censor. It still seems as if it's getting any power. Is this an engine problem don't want want to think I bout a lemon please can anybody give some kind of direction to look into
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Lincoln
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.


I'd expect that with these issues you have a check engine light or other fault light illuminated?

in which case the by far the best course is to get the car plugged into a diagnostic device and puil off a faulty code if you can

a faulty cam sensor is a possible cause for this and if you have a fault code showing that then replacing it is the next step as they're not expensive